Why should I join Pi Kapp?

  • Pi Kappa Phi offers the most of any fraternity on The Row. Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi specifically enjoy a close brotherhood, strong social calendar, and the opportunity to give back through numerous philanthropic opportunities. Being a Pi Kapp guarantees a world of possibilities through our extensive alumni network which afford connections and bonds held for life, not just one’s college years.
How do I become a brother?
  • In order to join the brotherhood, you must go through the rush process- attend all the events and make a good impression on as many brothers as you can. At the end of the week, the chapter deliberates on every rushee that visits Pi Kapp. If you receive and choose to accept a bid, you officially become an Associate Member of the Delta Rho chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. Our rush schedule can be viewed here.
What is the pledging process like?
  • Pi Kappa Phi is a strictly non-hazing fraternity. The pledging process is a time commitment simply because it requires you to spend time around the house, getting to know initiated brothers and fellow Associate Members. We believe that the pledging process is the first step to solidifying a strong brotherhood for years to come. The main goal of the pledging process is just that: to build and increase our already strong brotherhood.
Will joining a fraternity take up a lot of my time?
  • When you choose to join a fraternity, you make a commitment. The pledging process does require the associate members to spend some of their time in fraternity activities. However, the fraternity will never come above your academics, family or spiritual commitments. We understand that our associate members and active brothers are a well-rounded group of individuals with varied interests and allow them to pursue those interests in conjunction with their commitment to the fraternity.
Will my grades slip if I join a fraternity?
  • We understand that this is a common concern among potential rushees and ensure that grades are the highest priority during the pledge process. An integral part of the pledge semester are study hours at Leavey Library, supervised by our Warden & Scholarship Chair. All Associate Members are required to meet a 2.7 GPA in order to become initiated members.
Does Pi Kapp socialize with sororities and what kind of events do you hold?
  • Yes, each week we have social events with sororities. You can find more information about our social events here.
Does Pi Kapp do any community service?
  • Community service is valued by each and every member of the fraternity. More information can be found under our Philanthropy page.
Does Pi Kapp receive alumni support?
  • We have a strong connection to our alumni network. Our recent Homecoming weekend was a huge success as many of the Delta Rho alumni returned to the house for a reunion and tailgated with us the next day. The Alumni brought with them a Tommy’s Burger Truck and continue to support the house, with advice and financial support throughout the years.
Who are some notable Pi Kapp alumni?
  • Delta Rho chapter:
    • Bob Graziano – former President of the Dodgers.
  • Nationally:
    • Tommy Lasorda – Legendary Dodgers manager. 
    • Jim Edmonds – MLB All-Star outfielder.
    • Rich Eisen – former ESPN commentator who currently broadcasts for the NFL Network.
    • Mark Clayton Hollis – Former CEO of Publix Supermarkets.
    • Howard Baker – Senator Tennessee
    • Lindsey Graham – Senator South Carolina
    • Leonard Anderson – Blue Angels Pilot
    • Rufus Geddie Herring- Medal of Honor Recipient
    • Charles H. Townes – Nobel Prize Winner
    • Chris Moneymaker – 2003 World Series of Poker Champion